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i officially have a headache from staring at and editing my resume throughout this entire day. but the new template i tried to create from scratch makes my resume look cleaner and simpler compared to the last version (yay for more white space!). i’m probably gonna edit it down more because the last fourth of the page looks really awkward and weird.

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Hey, hey, hey mother interstate, can you deliver me from evil, make me honest, make we wedding cake?

you don’t judge me; that’s not your style

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i don’t want to change you
i don’t want to change your mind

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One of my roommates has a tendency of complaining that her parents keep giving her food because they’re worried she doesn’t know how to cook or feed herself. It kinda bothers me, especially as someone who doesn’t live close to home. Like, why aren’t you grateful for this immense privilege you have? You’re complaining about something that isn’t even an issue.

Just like how it sometimes bothered me when folks complained about being unable to go home even when they lived an hour or less away from home. I understand what you mean and I get that sometimes even living that far away can be tough, especially when you’re busy, but you kinda sound like a jackass. Last semester, I didn’t even go home for spring break; I just worked through it. And honestly, it could be worse for myself. I live an affordable six-ish hours away from home, and a plane ticket can usually be purchased for less than $200. That’s hardly anything to complain about, compared to folks who live across the country (or even farther) from where they consider home.

I just… feel like sometimes we’re developing this culture of victimhood and constantly telling others to recognize their privileges as if we ourselves don’t have any, especially people in Berkeley. You clearly have some sort of educational privilege because you’re going to an often nationally- and internationally-ranked public university.

Ughhhh and don’t get me started on the people who try to advocate for experiences that aren’t actually theirs without fully acknowledging their ally-ship does form some degree of separation from the issue at hand. That doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified for advocate for it; but it does mean that you have to be aware of how you consciously discuss experiences that are not your own.

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  • Lately I can’t seem to focus on the things I said I was going to do.
  • Considering some type of work abroad program. Found a fellowship that sounded really cool. Apply apply apply.
  • Visiting one of my best friends in Boston next month.
  • Lately I think about traveling a lot. I did this when I first started working full-time in ITS. I would think about backpacking and budget travel, and read everything I could on it.
  • It’s happening again. Honestly, It really is a matter of how you want to prioritize financially. I keep reading blogs.
  • I bombed an interview in mid-September.
  • Going back to that fellowship. I started working on the application and it’s probably the first time in quite a few months I felt I had a solid purpose to work toward something. For the first time, it actually felt like I was kicking a door down.
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ughhh idk what i’m doing with my life. today’s the first day i ever really asked for legitimate advice from my sister. i wanna travel. i need money. i need a(nother) job. sometimes i have extended what-if fantasies of living out of state or even out of the country.

in the meanwhile, i’ll just keep saving what i have now. student loans, rent, bills, savings. i hate my desire for money as a means of security.

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Guy In Your MFA (@GuyInYourMFA) | Twitter →

LOL because what people really need is a unique perspective like the one that guy in your MFA provides. He’s probably white, which means he has a rich cultural heritage to draw upon.

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necessary: social media detox

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